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Exhibition – Milos: Approaching alternative architectural landscapes


Milos island, Greece

Exhibition – Milos: Approaching alternative architectural landscapes

Orama Minimal Frames is proud to participate and be one of the sponsors of the architectural exhibition “Milos: Approaching alternative architectural landscapes” which takes place at the recently renovated Bomb shelters in the port of Adamas, Milos.

In the context of the exhibition Orama presents ‘See Through Elegance’ a portable spatial composition that acts as a contemporary ‘Primitive Hut’, a threshold between the inside and the outside. Publicly accessible, the installation integrates itself in any landscape and allows the viewer to pass through the minimal white tunnel towards a carefully selected framed view.



The exhibition “Milos: Alternative architectural landscapes” concerns the presentation of three architectural studies that process remarkable landscapes of natural and industrial heritage of the island of Milos. Having the vision to protect and promote the island in a prosperous way in the international tourist and cultural map, the three studies present large-scale projects, in places of special geological interest, in dead mines and barren places, that will utilize the existing industrial shell, and will revive the activity there, aiming the development of the local economy.

Exhibition duration
19/06/2021 –  15/09/2021

Installation Concept & Design
Roleplay Design Agency

Installation Production
Orama Minimal Frames

System: AXIS
Installation’s Dimensions: 2.20 x 1.12 m

To reach the installation please follow the map below:



For more details on the exhibition please check:

Instagram: milos_archlandscapes

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